Meet Our Team


Graduate Researcher

Furkan is a M.Sc. student in Chemical Engineering department at Marmara University. In the Modeling Lab, Furkan focused on modeling methods of energy, simulation of some gasification processes using ASPEN PLUS software, modelling in MATLAB software and kinetic characterization and calculations in Proteus. He has many publications about simulation of different gasification processes and made oral and poster presentations in various conferences. Additionally, his previous research name is “Investigation of Catalytic Gasification in Thermodynamic Simulation Program” that is his graduation thesis awarded from TUBITAK 2209-A Program.

Nermin Nur FUÇUCU


Nermin Nur FUÇUCU was a B. Sc. student at Marmara University in Chemical Engineering department. She was interested in the subjects of “Artificial Intelligence Approach, Modeling and Energy and Polymer Science,”, and worked on these issues.


Alumni - Undergraduate

Afra Nur Atasoy is a student in Chemical Engineering department at Marmara University. Her research in the Modeling Laboratory  focused on developing artificial intelligence technique for material synthesis.