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September 2021

Success of Our Undergraduated Students about TUBITAK 2209B

Our undergraduate students Şevval Şahar and Eda Duygu Budak were awarded by TUBITAK within the scope of TUBITAK-2209-B Industry Undergraduate Research Projects Support Program for two projects entitled "Removal of Petroleum Wastes in Seawater with Hybrid Composite Material Developed Using Polyurethane/Biochar" and "Investigation of Carbon Fiber in the Removal of Petroleum Wastes in Sea Water in a Polyurethane Matrix",...

August 2021

Our Student Researchers Awarded by 3rd Bioenergy Studies Symposium

Our undergraduate researcher Yağmur DALBUDAK received the second prize for her poster presentation entitled "Prediction of Hemicellulose Content of Biomass By Means of Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System", and our graduate researcher Furkan KARTAL received the third prize for his poster presentation entitled "Forecast of Lower Heating Value of Municipal Solid Waste via Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System", at the 3rd...

July 2021

June 2021

Our Graduate Student Furkan Kartal’s MSc Thesis was awarded by TUBITAK within the scope of 2210/C Program

Our graduate researcher Furkan KARTAL was found worthy to be supported by TUBITAK within the scope of “2210/C National MSc/MA Scholarship Program in the Priority Fields in Science and Technology” with the MSc Thesis titled “The Design and Development of Artificial Intelligence Controlled Laboratory Scale Fluidized Bed Gasifier”. We would like to congratulate our researcher and wish his continued...

May 2021

Modeling Laboratory Group Event

Modeling Laboratory principal investigator Asst. Prof Dr. Uğur ÖZVEREN and group members Halime YAKIŞIK, Mujeeb Babatunde ADETAYO, Senem SEZER, Furkan KARTAL, Yağmur DALBUDAK and Nermin Nur FUÇUCU came together at a nice event and had a good time. We sincerely wish the Modeling Laboratory group continued success.

The Success of Our Graduate and Undergraduate Students in 3rd Bioenergy Studies Symposium

Our graduate students Mujeeb Babatunde Adetayo, Halime YAKIŞIK, Senem SEZER, Furkan KARTAL and Berna KEKİK, and undergraduate students Nermin Nur FUÇUCU and Yağmur DALBUDAK joined in the 3rd Bioenergy Studies Symposium at 20-21 May 2021. Mujeeb Babatunde Adetayo, Senem SEZER and Nermin Nur FUÇUCU made oral presentations. Halime YAKIŞIK, Furkan KARTAL, Berna KEKİK and Yağmur DALBUDAK made poster presentations....

Studies of Our Undergraduated Students awarded by TUBITAK

Sevi YAŞAR, with the project titled "Determination of Biocomponent Distribution (Hemicellulose, Cellulose and Lignin) of Lignocellulosic Fuels and Investigation of Heat Degredation Using Machine Learning", and Deniz GENÇER, with the project titled "Investigating Exergy Analysis of Synthesis Gas to generate by gasification of Agricultural Wastes in Turkey using Deep Learning" were found worthy to be supported by TÜBİTAK within the...